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Landscape Design

Atlanta Garden Design offers FLAT RATE 

landscape design packages, as opposed to charging hourly like most design services. This gives our clients peace of mind, as they know up front what the charge will be. 


The design package includes a consultaion and a computer rendered design, along with a booklet containing color photographs and detailed information about each plant used in the design. 


The full color booklet ensures that our clients know right away if they are happy with the design and plant choices. If it is not exactly what our client was hoping for, we make changes, at no additional cost, until it is exactly what they desired. Creating your dream yard is our number one priority!


Our flat rate design package is $425 for up to one acre lot. (Please call to inquire about larger projects.) We ask for $200 at the initial consultation and the remaining $225 upon delivery of the design. 


Not every yard project needs a full design package. Sometimes homeowners already know exactly what they want but need a little guidance to accomplish it.  For cases such as this, we offer landscape consulting at an hourly rate. 


The cost is $200 for the first two hours (minimum charge) and $50 per hour thereafter. 


Among other things, our designer can anwer all of your questions, suggest plants choices and provide advice on how to prepare, install and care for your plants.


In the event that you decide you need or desire the full design package, the $200 consultation fee will be subtracted from the cost of the full design package.

Project Management

Atlanta Garden Design is strickly a design firm, and we do not provide installation. However, at the request of many clients who would like to keep the designer involved throughout the progect, we have begun offering project management for homeowners who need to hire someone for landscape installation. 


More details to follow.

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